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Cardiff in the Snow - follow the link to the Facebook album
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Dear friends,

Welcome to the first issue of Cardiff Connect in 2013.

This year we want to help you connect with each other and the University in more ways than ever. Take advantage of new features on our LinkedIn group, tweet to compete @CardiffAlumni, and look at our latest photos on Facebook. We recently had a week of snow in Cardiff which you might especially enjoy taking a look at.

If you're a 2012 graduate, please do fill in your DLHE form for the Careers team - it's really important to us - and remember that you're entitled to careers support from Cardiff too.

Keep in touch,

Very best wishes

Sarah Price
Deputy Director of Development and Alumni Relations

Research success, news, and honours

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A new online future for learning: Professor Colin Riordan, Vice-Chancellor, outlines Cardiff's partnership in Futurelearn.

South West research boost: The new GW4 collaboration brings Bristol, Cardiff, Bath and Exeter together.

Spacekids: Cardiff University has launched the first ever Welsh-led European Union (EU) space research programme.

Double Success for University spin-outs: Asalus and Diurnal have reached key milestones, creating better environments for medical surgery and helping patients suffering from cortisol deficiencies.

Creating a stronger, greener UK: The Cardiff Catalysis Institute has received a £3M funding boost to support economic growth, reduce CO2 emissions, produce cleaner water, and generate more sustainable energy.

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Cardiff events and networking

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What is memory for? Neuroscience lecture

7 Feb - Science in Health - Finding the causes of Alzheimer's disease with Prof Julie Williams

7 Feb - Distinguished Lecture Series -'My Nights with Emma B' with Adam Thorpe

12 Feb - Islam-UK Public Lecture Series - Muslims, the Environment and the Challenge of the Emerging Order - An Islamic Perspective with Fazlun Khalid: also see lecture series PDF

19 Feb - School of Music - Student Performance Showcase

28 Feb - Cardiff Books - Marginalia and Provenance in the Cardiff Rare Books with Dr Melanie Bigold, and Cardiff Booktalk on Pride and Prejudice

5 March - Sports and Sustainability - Game changers: can sport save the environment? With Russell Seymour

11 March - Memory - What is memory for? The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Distinguished Lecture in Neuroscience at Cardiff University in Honour of Sir Keith Peters with Prof Eleanor Maguire

12 March - Dangerous Earth - A chilling story: Tectonic controls on Earth's climate

13 March - Higher Education - Inequalities in Access to Higher Education with Prof Gareth Rees and Prof Chris Taylor

Live or work in Hong Kong? See the photos from the latest bowling fun day and join in next time!

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Cardiff digest

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Cardiff alumnus Joss Hawkin (Mechanical Engineering) has saved his company hundreds of thousands of pounds and reduced their carbon footprint with his innovative engineering.

See Time Team online to see the work of the CAER Heritage Project in the School of History, Archaeology and Religion.

Congratulations to Professor Keith Harding and Professor Judith Hall, awarded Royal recognition in the Queen's Annual New Year Honours

Fad or the future? Cardiff research into In Vitro Meat - muscle tissue grown from cells in laboratories to eat as food - is attracting global attention.

Follow the poet Dante in his exile throughout fourteenth century Italy in our special collections.

Keep studying - search and browse a range of postgraduate funding opportunities online.

Watch the brilliant Doctor Who's Guide to Cardiff, recently tweeted by Trevithick Library


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