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The Cardiff Fund Call Campaign

What's it all about?

An essential part of the Cardiff Fund is the annual telephone campaign.

The main aim of each call is to build upon and strengthen relationships with our alumni community.

Current students call our graduates to share the latest University news and developments, promote upcoming events and update contact details, as well as talking about the Cardiff Fund and the impact of alumni giving. They are also really happy to answer any questions alumni may have about life at the University today!

The alumni department at the University is constantly striving to improve itself, and the campaign gives you a chance to have your say about the alumni services we provide. Receiving feedback and comments helps in developing what we offer and in planning for the future.

Alumni also have the opportunity to hear from students about their experiences of being a student at Cardiff today, who in turn benefit from career advice from alumni who are passionate about improving the student experience for their peers and future generations.

As those who have been contacted will know, our Student Callers are extremely dedicated to their role and their efforts have been rewarded by the amazing response they receive from our graduates. Many graduates have contacted us to let us know how much they have enjoyed the chance to speak with current students on the telephone and to become involved in Cardiff in this way. We hope that everyone who has received these calls has enjoyed the experience – we know all of our Student Callers past and present certainly have!

Our next call campaign will run from the 21st February to the 19th March 2015 and we have put a few of our most frequently asked questions below to help you with any queries you may have about the campaign.

Have you received a call from one of our students and would like to know more about them?  Visit our student callers' page to learn more about your caller.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do all alumni receive a telephone call?

We only dial a few of our 100,000 alumni in the call campaign, so if you get a phone call you are one of the lucky ones!

When do you make the telephone calls?

We usually only have home contact details for graduates, and we don’t like to interrupt your working days by calling you early on. We’ve also found in past call campaigns that these times are preferred by graduates. If you would like us to call you earlier in the day we will try to arrange it, but since our callers are students they usually have lectures during the day. As such our normal dialling hours are Monday to Thursday  6pm to 9.00pm and Sunday from 2pm to 5pm.

What number will you call from and can I call you back?

When you receive a call from us, you may see the number 020 3195 1371/1372/1373/1374 on your caller display . While unfortunately you cannot call the students back, if you want to re-arrange a call time, please let us know by email or by calling 029 2087 6473.

Are the students that call always from my old course and institution?

Wherever possible the student will be from the school you were a member of as a student, and if possible from your course too. Students especially enjoy finding out about graduate experiences from their own desired career paths so we might try to match you on that basis too.

Do the students get paid and who pays them?

Yes, students get paid an hourly wage to make telephone calls on our behalf. Their pay comes out of a centrally-administered budget. None of the income generated from your donations is used to pay for fundraising at Cardiff University.

I don’t like giving out details over the phone; how else can I donate to Cardiff University?

We can accept donations in a range of ways, the most secure and easy of which is donating online at You could also send a cheque made payable to 'Cardiff University' to The Cardiff Fund, Development and Alumni Relations, Deri House, 2-4 Park Grove, Cardiff, CF10 3BN, If you want us to post you a form, please let us know by email or by calling 029 2087 6473.

I’ve been called and now my partner has got a call too, why?

If your partner is also a graduate from Cardiff then they are just as likely to receive a telephone call. We won’t always know if you are living together, and even if you are we would like to hear from both of you – as we said, the calls are not just about asking for donations. Interestingly we’ve found that about one in ten graduates from Cardiff end up marrying a fellow alumnus. We’re happy to hear that you too found someone special on campus.

How can I update my child’s details other than over the phone?

You can direct your child to this website and they can register and update their details. We can also receive updates by email or by phone on 029 2087 6473.

How can I stop receiving telephone calls?

If you do not want to be called please contact us directly at or by calling 029 2087 6473, and explaining that you do not want a fundraising phone call. It might take a day or two to take you off the lists so if you get a phone call soon after, please explain that you have sent in a request already.

When will I receive acknowledgement of my gift?

Your receipt from any over-the-phone gifts will be posted by second class post within three working days, along with our grateful thanks. If you’re worried that you have not heard back from us, please give it a few days and then send us an email or call on 029 2087 6473.

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is a scheme set up by the UK Government that offers tax relief on money donated to UK charities, and if you are a UK taxpayer, your gift may be eligible. Cardiff University can re-claim the basic rate tax on donations from UK taxpayers provided the donor pays enough UK income tax and/or capital gains tax themselves to cover the amount of tax Cardiff University will reclaim (currently £2.50 for every £10.00).

What areas can I give to through the Call Campaign?

You can give to any area within Cardiff University: your school, club, society or, indeed, any area that may interest you. The student callers can give you information about possible areas of support. Some of the popular choices are the Scholarship Fund and the Libraries Fund.

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