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What is a Call Campaign?

We do not currently have an active call campaign. If you feel that you may have been contacted fraudulently by someone in our name, please contact us (link in menu above).

During a call campaign we set out with a team of student callers to speak to as many alumni as possible. We want to find out where you end up working after a degree, what you think of our communications and offers, and to ask for support for causes you might care about at Cardiff University.

Questions we get asked about the Call Campaign 

Cardiff Caller: Katharine Melville

Katharine Melville, Student Caller

We asked student caller Katharine Melville about her experiences in the Call Campaign: what was it like talking to so many graduates?

"It was really interesting listening to people's life stories - you could tell that so many people really loved their time here. I found it really useful to be able to talk to social workers about their careers as that's my dream job, and I know that lots of other callers had similar advice.

"What was the best thing about the campaign? Just getting to talking to so many people - every phone call was different."

  • Over 381 people offered profiles and advice for students, and if you were one of them, we will be in touch very soon. Every story makes a difference in showing the world what studying at Cardiff is really like: please tell yours today.

How did the campaign do?

Over eight weeks, our students spoke to over 4,000 alumni across the UK, and by the end of the campaign, graduates had pledged over £30,000 to support research, scholarships, and facilities at Cardiff.

We are about to publish our yearly donor report and newsletter and will be telling you more in our next CardiffConnect; we'll also be updating the website in the summer to make it more obvious how every penny helps at Cardiff University.

One person who was helped through the Cardiff Fund this year was Bryony Purdue:

Helping with fees: Bryony Purdue

Bryony (BA, Music and French) was awarded a scholarship through the Cardiff Fund in the academic year 2011-12.

Bryony PurdueBryony wanted to study at Cardiff University because it offered her the opportunity to do a joint-honours degree in Music and French. She was selected for the scholarship by her course tutors based on her academic record, and was surprised to hear the news: "I thought you must have the wrong person," she admitted, "but I was so excited! It's going to make the world of difference and help to fund my fees."

She is passionate about her subjects, saying that she enjoys "the best of both worlds", and while she has only just finished her first year at University, she is already looking forward to doing an MSc in Music: "It's inspirational studying at Cardiff, the resources are incredible and I just can't wait to use the skills I'm being taught outside of the classroom."

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