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Could you change a life?
  Dear friends,

Do you remember first setting foot on the campus? What are your fondest memories? Were you excited? Nervous? Curious?
  Whatever those first impressions were, I hope you settled in quickly, made friends (perhaps some that you're still close to today), and built memories that will last you a lifetime. Cardiff truly is a special place to study – and today, I hope you'll help make the Cardiff experience possible for a student who'd like to join us this autumn.

As you'll be pleased to know, there are still many students who would love to study here, just like you did. I'm sure you're aware, however, that going to university today can seem a daunting financial commitment. We want to ensure deserving students aren't deterred from receiving the outstanding education Cardiff University provides, simply for financial reasons.
  Studying in the library   Cardiff has always been open to everyone who has the talent and desire to excel here, and it must stay that way. That's why I've launched a dedicated Scholarship and Bursary Fund 2013 – to ensure Cardiff continues to welcome deserving students from all backgrounds.  
  I'm determined to help as many deserving students as possible to come to Cardiff, but I need your help.

Please, will you join with me in helping to fund a scholarship for a student who's earned their place at Cardiff, but may otherwise feel unable to accept? It costs £1,000 for a scholarship, so if you could give £20 today, you could be one of 50 people giving a scholarship to a student who desperately wants to study at Cardiff.
  Help a deserving student accept their place at Cardiff.   Donate now  

With A-Level results just 6 weeks away, we must have funds in place by 31 July to award scholarships for students joining us this autumn. So I do hope you'll respond now.

I promise that every penny you give today will go directly to fund scholarships and bursaries – nothing else.

One of the first things I discovered on joining the University last year was just how wonderful Cardiff is as both a city and university. I've so enjoyed listening to alumni recall memories of their time in Cardiff and hearing how it has shaped the rest of their lives. Your gift today could be life changing for a student who desperately wants not only the education, but also the wonderful experience that Cardiff has to offer.

  Andy Taylor (PhD Musical Classical Composition) explains how Cardiff alumni are helping him follow his dreams:  
  After my undergrad at Cardiff, I desperately wanted to do a PhD   Andy  
  Today, you could give this same gift to another deserving student – allowing them to receive a world-class education, make friends, and shape their future at Cardiff, just as you did.  
  Give a life-changing scholarship to a deserving student.   Donate now  
  I hope that you have many fond memories of your time here at Cardiff – of your course, of nights out at the Union, and of all the friends you made.

But I also hope that you'll be inspired to give a special gift today, to allow another student to build their own wonderful memories here at Cardiff. Simply click here to give securely online.
  Yours sincerely,
Colin Riordan
Colin Riordan
President and Vice Chancellor
Colin Riordan  
  PS - When you make your gift, we will send you this Cardiff University pin badge to wear as a thank you for your support.
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