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"A university is just a group of buildings gathered around a library." - Shelby Foote

Do you remember rushing to the library to find that the core text books had already been taken out? Or trying to find somewhere quiet on campus to read and study? We are working to provide one of the most up-to-date study environments in the UK, with state of the art IT and Library facilities. Your donation can help to build something permanent and durable for all students to enjoy.

Earth and Life Sciences Library at Cardiff University

Improving Library Holdings

Over the academic year 2011-12 the Cardiff Fund allocated £13,000 towards University library resources; so far over 250 new books have been bought, and over half of these are e-books.

Alison Palmer, the Acquisitions Librarian, explains that e-books are becoming more and more popular because of their accessibility: they can be read by many students at one time, however, academic e-books tend to cost much more than their printed equivalents, so without additional funding, our options are limited.

Janet Peters, Director of University Libraries, offered her sincere thanks to Cardiff donors:

"This funding is very much appreciated, and in this case has helped us to provide alternative ways of obtaining material in very high demand on reading lists."

Facilities to inspire research and learning

Carol VordermanThe redesigned Trevithick Library was declared officially open by Honorary Fellow Carol Vorderman in March 2009.

The library has been completely redesigned to enhance the student experience, offering a range of modern environments which meet changing technological and curriculum needs. Read more...

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