Cardiff Calling 2012

Cardiff University’s telethon aims to contact as many alumni as possible over the phone; to listen to what alumni have to say about their time at Cardiff; to let alumni know about what has been going on at Cardiff recently; and to raise money for the University to continue its teaching and research excellence.

The Spring Telethon has now finished and we have had a fantastic response from our alumni.  Over the course of eight weeks our students spoke to over 4,000 alumni and raised over £30,000 in pledges. 

Our team of student callers would like to thank everyone who took the time to chat, for sharing their experiences and providing career advice.  Student caller Katharine Melville said: "It was really interesting listening to people's life stories, and you could tell that people really loved their time here.  I found it really useful to be able to talk to social workers about their careers as that's my dream job, and I know that lots of other callers had similar advice.  What was the best thing about the campaign? Just getting to talk to so many people - every phone call was different."  

We are very grateful to all of our supporters - donations make a real difference to the student experience here at Cardiff.

If you haven't received a call or we have missed you this time you can still find out more about what we're raising money for by visiting our Cardiff Fund pages.

Thank you.

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