Today you can give a life-changing gift – the chance to study at Cardiff.

Dear Friend,

Thank you for visiting this page and showing your interest in the Scholarship and Bursary Fund at Cardiff.

This fund is vital, because Cardiff has always welcomed students based on their talent and potential – irrespective of financial background. That was certainly the case when you studied at Cardiff and I'm sure you'll agree that we must ensure it stays that way.

StudentsYou’ll be pleased to know that there are still many students who would love to study here, just like you did. I'm sure you're aware, however, that going to university today can seem a daunting financial commitment. We want to ensure deserving students aren't deterred from receiving the outstanding education Cardiff University provides, simply for financial reasons.

Cardiff University is taking immediate steps to ensure that we accept students based on merit – no matter their financial circumstances. The Scholarship and Bursary Fund will be of increasing importance to the student community at Cardiff University in the coming years.

Will you consider giving a special gift today, to help fund a scholarship or bursary for a student who'd like to come to Cardiff this autumn?

100% of your gift will go directly to fund scholarships and bursaries – nothing else.

With my warmest thanks,

Colin Riordan

Colin Riordan
President and Vice Chancellor

Pin BadgePS – When you make your gift, we would like to send you this Cardiff University pin badge to wear as a thank you for your support. Remember, you can also catch up with your uni mates on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. Click here to make your donation.

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