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Thank you to everyone who filled this in during summer 2013

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What advice would you offer to new students?

This form will stay open all year and we'll be especially prompting for advice before the September terms. Thanks for filling it in - your words might really help someone who's feeling a bit lost or unsure as they start out in the city.


What should I write?

Anything you want, including...

» Top places to go in the city or university

» Ways to make friends

» Things to buy for your new room

» Budgeting and money-saving tips

» Best clubs, societies, sports

» What do you wish you had known at the time?

There's so much to say!

You can write as much as you would like - there's no need to worry about running out of room with your answer;

Having said that, we reserve the right to edit responses for the Guide, especially if space is an issue.

If you have problems with the box above, please email us instead at

Can I see the Guide?

We'll be sending a link to the final Guide with our September Cardiff Connect e-newsletter - just make sure you're subscribed to these emails.


Please note, we ask for your name and email address so that we can be sure this advice is coming from alumni. We will not share this information with others - see our privacy policy for more guidance on how we store data.



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